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From excavators to stump grinders and chippers, Allclass has been Queensland’s number one mini-excavator dealer for more than 20 years. The company has a superb reputation in the market place and customers keep coming back to them because of their outstanding service and high-quality products.

Allclass have grown dramatically since they were first established in 1992 and the company employs sales representatives like Dan Dwyer who spends his days travelling around Queensland giving hands-on product demonstrations to customers.

“Getting up close and personal with our machinery really allows customers to get a feel for the products especially our Morbark Chippers and Toro mini loaders. The Morbark chippers chip strong, grind strong and work strong, and the Toro loaders are lightweight and incredibly manoeuvrable.”

Troy from Stump Grind It agrees.

Troy, originally a school teacher used to spend the holidays helping his parents with their tree lopping business by taking care of the stump grinding. His father has an outdated grinder and the business avoided stump grinding at all costs.

“We thought the money was in the trees, not the stump removal and I saw a unique opportunity to expand into this area. We started doing jobs for neighbours, friends and family, then eventually I decided it would be worthwhile doing this fulltime and I moved out of teaching.”

Troy grimly remembered his dad’s old equipment and was determined to find the right equipment to help him get the job done. He tested a range of options over a long period of time and, through word of mouth and Google, he came upon Allclass and the company’s range of exceptional products.

Troy needed a machine that could grind and with Dan’s help he decided that the Toro was the one for him as the price was reasonable, it was track mounted and narrow enough to fit in residential gardens yet still incredibly powerful. He wasn’t sold so easily though and Troy admitted he must’ve been a demanding customer as Dan had to visit him on-site multiple times so Troy could test the Toro STX38.

“Dan was incredibly patient, and it was all worth it in the end as this machine is a real beauty. It’s versatile, reliable and has a reputation as being one of the hardest working machines in the Australian market.”

Troy regularly has his machine serviced every 50 hours with the Allclasss remote service team visiting him at his home before he heads out for the day.

Dan also sells Morbark chippers and owner and Managing Director of Brisbane Stump Grinding & Tree Lopping, Ron said that as his business expanded from a one-man band to a successful company, he needed to upgrade some equipment and he is now the proud owner of a new Morbark M15RX.

“My business undertakes all Arboricultural requirements for a range of government departments and local councils and AllClass have been of great assistance.

“They provide excellent communication and after sales service with prompt call back on any issue, especially from Dan. This service has been very refreshing, and I traded 2 x Morbark machines to upgrade to this model, and the outcome has been fantastic.

“Any servicing and parts requirements are all done by Allclass. I have not had a breakdown with this machine and Allclass are a pleasure to do business with,” Ron said.

Allclass has over 300 years of combined staff experience in sales, parts and service and Dan can be reached for a chat, a visit or to help you test drive a new piece of machinery. Call them at 1300 255 252.

“We had 4 metres of water come through our workshop and office. Coming in after the water had receded, it was heart breaking, the mud, the smell, the damage to the building, the loss of spare parts and general office equipment. It was devastating.

Construction safety harness protective gloves hard hat on black background maintenance concept

Construction is a very risky industry. Heavy machinery, powerful tools, working at heights and unstable terrain are just a sample of the unavoidable dangers that may be encountered on any site. There is no way to totally remove risk, but there are a number of things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of risks leading to injury or death.

Site Induction

Every work site is different, and as such, every worker should be introduced to the specific risks and requirements of any site they are expected to work on. This induction is site specific, but it should include a run through of non-specific safety requirements such as behaving respectfully and bringing attention to unsafe equipment or practices when they are noticed.

It is also an opportunity to check that each worker has the required qualifications and certificates to be operating tools or machinery. It is important that everyone understands that they are responsible both for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Personal Protective Equipment

It almost goes without saying, but personal protective equipment is extremely important on construction sites. No matter how many Worksafe practices and policies are in place, machines like excavators, RTVs and stump grinders are heavy and dangerous, and accidents do happen. Steel capped boots, hearing protection, eye protection and helmets are standard personal protection devices that are often required on construction sites.

Extended Personal Care Supplies

Working outside, in the sun, rain and wind, moving heavy objects and performing complex and strenuous tasks can take a serious toll on the mind and body. Fortunately, the 21st century has seen a rise in workplace safety and tolerance, and a big part of this is having the supplies, practices and equipment on hand to make work more pleasant for everyone. These items can include sunscreen, hand degreaser, moisturisers, communal water supplies, snacks, designated smoking areas, hygienic toilets and weather-related work cut-off limits. A healthy worker is a happy worker, and a happy worker is more productive and less likely to accidentally hurt themselves or others.

Inclusive and Respectful Attitude

In the same spirit as personal care supplies and practices, a workplace that is inclusive of all workers and supports their needs is a safe workplace. This kind of attitude is invaluable in creating a safe workplace, as it makes managers more approachable when workers have concerns about the safety of equipment or working practices.

Hire the Right Tools to Prevent Injury

AlllClass has a large range of new and second-hand construction equipment that can make your site safer and more efficient by reducing manual handling activities. Call us on 1300 255 252 or contact us online to find out more about our product range and services.

Excavator on the construction site is preparing to load the soil

There’s nothing worse than having your site ready to go only to have your excavator break down. Chances are you have been planning to use the excavator for weeks and may have even hired specialist contractors to complete the job. Have no fear, there are several things you can do to minimize downtime in the event of breakdown.

Safety Considerations

Always be wary of hydraulic components of any machine if and when it is shut off in any position other than the specified power down position. If for example the bucket is seemingly frozen in mid-air, be aware that it will fall slowly as the day wears on.

If the excavator is parked on a slope or soft or uneven terrain, be aware that its substantial weight may cause it shift and move over time.

If you are going to attempt troubleshooting, be careful about where you put your hands, as components of the machine are likely to be extremely hot and the coolant will be pressurised. Do not open until it has cooled down sufficiently.

Simple Troubleshooting

Before you call in an expert, there are a few simple checks you can perform yourself. For a longer guide on trouble shooting your excavator, read this blog or review the operating manual of your machine.


The coolant may need replacing, but wait until the machine has cooled down before attempting this operation. Alternatively, the radiator core may be clogged with dirt or debris, so try cleaning it out with a blower.

Low Power

Check the fuel and air filters for obvious signs of poor flow. Try cleaning them to see if this fixes the problem.

Minimize Potential Downtime with Ongoing Maintenance

One of the advantages of having excavators built by strong engineering companies, such as Kubota, is that they are built to last a long time. The reality is that, like all machines, excavators require routine maintenance and servicing. Find a local service team that can let your quality earth moving equipment age with dignity.

Minimize Downtime with On Site Repairs

There is little value having your contractors standing around waiting for the excavator to start working. Call a professional repair person to come out on the double and fix your excavator on site. It might seem like an expensive choice but the alternative is even more expensive.

Contact the Excavator Specialists

AlllClass Construction Equipment are expert technicians of new and used excavators in the Brisbane area. Our mechanics can visit you on site to repair a faulty excavator so that you can get back on with your job. If you own an excavator and are seeking someone to do a routine service, we can do that too. Call us on 1300 255 252 or contact us online to find out more about our product range and services.

An excavator on a beach
An excavator on a beach


Good quality heavy duty machinery is expensive. For some businesses, an excavator might be the most expensive tool in their warehouse. As with any investment, it is important to protect it and ensure it remains functional for the longest possible time. There are a number of considerations when it comes to storing construction equipment, and not all of them are obvious. In this article, we will briefly describe some of the common threats to construction equipment, and how best to mediate these threats to ensure the longevity of your materials.


Clean and Dry

One of the most obvious, but also difficult, aspects of construction equipment maintenance is managing rust and corrosion. Producers of this equipment are aware of this challenge, and so they use strong, corrosion resistant and reliable materials. All of the best manufacturing in the world won’t stop the rain from falling, however, and corrosion is always a long term risk for metal components. Mud can be exceptionally damaging over enough time, while still being the bread and butter of what construction equipment is designed to deal with. The real dangers of mud and water are related to long term contact, not day to day exposure. For this reason, whenever you are storing your equipment it makes sense to put it away while they’re clean and dry to avoid potential dramas.


Service Regularly

Heavy machinery comes with guidelines on how regularly certain components need to be serviced and it is important to stick to these guidelines. Having components fail on you can cost exorbitant amounts of money to replace, particularly if the failure triggers a cascade of failures. Often those guidelines will include two numbers, like 3000km/3 years. This means that whichever one of those numbers comes first, it’s time for a service, even if your excavator has been sitting in the shed for two thirds of that time.


Preventing Theft

Thefts is often a secondary consideration when it comes to proper storage of construction equipment, but the unfortunate reality is expensive machines fetch a significant sum on the black market. It is well worth understanding that your super power generator, which powers entire worksites, could be adapted by someone else to power their off-grid home. Install security cameras, GPS tracking devices, extra locks and even 24/7 security patrols, which may be cost effective mechanisms for preventing theft.


Contact AllClass Construction Equipment for Servicing

AllClass Construction Equipment have more than 20 years of experience distributing heavy machinery across Queensland. We pride ourselves on our personalized service and have experience protecting and maintaining equipment. We have a fleet of service professionals ready to service your machinery. Talk to one of our consultants today on 1300 255 252 or contact us online.


Mobile electric power generator for emergency situations, red color on outdoor.

Mobile electric power generator for emergency situations, red color on outdoor.


The invention of the internal combustion engine revolutionised construction equipment. The following invention of the diesel engine made heavy machinery even more powerful and cheaper to run. Today, engines are continually being improved in many ways, and electric engines are beginning to find their way onto the market. In this article, we will talk about the variety of engines and generators on the market, as well as making some bold predictions for the future of the power industry.



Generators come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, serving a variety of functions for different jobs. Small, high-tech generators like the Kubota Workforce Series take advantage of all of the recent innovations in fuel efficiency and noise minimisation to provide reliable power. Of course, if you need more power for more machines, you will need a bigger, heavy-duty generator like the Kubota SQ Series, capable of producing single and three phase power with strict internal voltage regulation to protect your heavy equipment.



Engines are the backbone of our modern world. Without engines, there’d be no planes, trains, automobiles, large ships or any of the frills that come with our interconnected world. Not all engines are made for the same purpose. Some are better designed for running pumps, running cars or running heavy machinery. Depending on your precise application, there is a different sort of engine that will be more suited to your needs, and it is recommended that you chat to a professional engine supplier before purchasing one.


The Future of Power Equipment

The future is green. Globally, climate change is recognized as the biggest threat facing humanity, causing scientists, engineers and inventors to focus on creating environmentally friendly products. As shown from decades of spin from extractive industries, there is no alternative to petrol and diesel, otherwise trucks in Australia will stop functioning. For a while, there may have been some basis for that spin, but recent innovations have seen the production of powerful trucks running solely on electricity. It might take a while, but it’s possible that a lot more power equipment will run off electrical power supplied by an increasingly renewably supplied grid.


For Generators and Engines in Queensland Contact AllClass Construction Equipment

 AllClass Construction Equipment have more than 20 years of experience as professional distributors of engines, power equipment and heavy machinery in Queensland. We specialise in Kubota products and offer a full suite of services, from sales and consulting to servicing and maintenance. We pride ourselves on our personalized service and we take our client’s satisfaction seriously. Talk to one of our professional consultants today on 1300 255 252 or contact us online


Rubber tracks on Kubota excavator
Rubber tracks on Kubota excavator

Rubber tracks are used on excavators and other tracked vehicles to minimise ground damage. They’re very good in this regard and you can be sure that you won’t be leaving a wasteland behind your machine. The main issue, in fact, is keeping the rubber tracks in good working order.

These tracks take a lot of wear and tear when compared to steel tracks. Although they’re very durable, they need some maintenance and attention, preferably whenever there are time and space to do it. This regular care reduces overall maintenance time, taking care of minor issues to prevent a bigger workload later.

Rubber Tracks – Care and Maintenance Tips

To care for and maintain your rubber tracks, you need to know what to expect. Different types of terrain can cause different problems but can predict some issues before they happen and deal with them easily.

For example:

  • Mud and debris: Materials of this type are taken up by the tracks, which clogs them. It’s not good for the tracks over time. The easy fix is a thorough clean and removal of the mud, preferably ASAP.


  • Undercarriage and assembly: These areas, being under the vehicle, also take up a lot of mud, dust, and small debris. It’s best to check the undercarriage regularly and ensure that there are no significant deposits of materials on them.


  • Uneven wear: This type of wear is caused by more pressure being put on one track than another, often during repetitive work. The unevenness of the tracks affects performance. It’s best for operators to avoid the usual practice of locking tracks. Make turns with the vehicle, rather than locking, to avoid uneven wear.


  • Inspect the machine before operation: Your machine can start up and instantly have problems because of some minor difficulty with the tracks. It’s a good idea to check the rollers and driving sprockets for any issues before operation. Driving sprockets are also very prone to accumulating materials, due to their shape. Be patient, but quick, when fixing any problems.


  • Track tension: Over-tension in tracks can be a serious problem. The tracks, if stretched too tightly, react to pressures and impact much more than at a slightly loose tension. This can do damage to alignment and increase wear on the tracks. Stick to a specified level of tension and “track sag”.


  • Common sense: The other simple and very effective way to care for your tracks is to simply stay alert and be aware of any unusual movements or sticking, or similar behavioural issues. While it’s important to be vigilant, don’t try to DIY-fix anything that looks like a complex issue. Get it checked out by your service people for the best results.


Allclass Construction Equipment Are Your Track Specialists

Allclass Construction Equipment provides a full range of 5-star rapid response services for our Kubota tracked vehicles.  We’ll be onsite ASAP to avoid downtime and solve your servicing issues right away. You can call us or contact us online to get expert help anytime.

Kubota 5 star service logo
Kubota 5 star service logo

Earthmoving machines are valuable tools for any construction business. But buying a fleet of machines is only the first step towards successful operations. You have to decide who is going to service and repair your equipment on an ongoing basis.

Preventive maintenance reduces machine downtime and helps the business run smoothly. It also lowers the cost of owning various pieces of machinery. To keep your equipment running like new throughout its life, consider sending it to an accredited centre.

Why Use an Accredited Centre?

Local repair centres give you services that are cheaper than those offered by accredited centres. While you might save money on repairs, there are many things you will have to sacrifice in the bargain.

If the centre is accredited, it suggests that its services and products are of consistently high quality. The certification also proves that the company is technically competent and fully compliant with legal rules, policies, and regulations relating to Kubota and TORO machinery.

5 Advantages of Using an Accredited Centre

  1. Accredited centres have the latest tools and equipment to service and repair machines. Since they maintain high standards of service, they won’t use inferior lubricants or parts when they’re repairing your equipment.
  2. Local service centres often suggest cheap aftermarket parts to replace faulty parts. These knock-offs won’t last you long. You may even end up sending the machine for repairs more often. Accredited service centres use genuine parts to fix faulty components. Manufacturers specifically design genuine parts so they match individual pieces of equipment. They last longer and leave the machine in perfect physical condition.
  3. Accredited service centres make sure they train their technicians, giving them the proper education and experience to hone their skills. With accredited centres, you can rest assured that your equipment is in safe hands.


  1. Accredited service centres maintain service log books. Service log books make paperwork easy. You could even get a better resale price for your machines if you prove that you’ve kept them in top working condition.
  2. Many authorised service centres offer reasonably priced service plans. They also have well-equipped service trucks that travel to your location for repairs.

Construction Solutions from Accredited Experts

If you’re looking for an accredited service centre, visit Allclass Construction Equipment.

We run 5-star Kubota accredited service centres and offer sophisticated mobile service vehicles. If you want to reduce downtime and promote profits, we can travel to you for quick repairs.

Allclass Construction Equipment also has both new and used excavators for sale in Brisbane. We also stock a large range of machine and excavator parts with 96% fill rates.

To learn more about the certified service difference, give us a call on 1300 255 252. Don’t forget to view our range of Kubota mini excavators online and get in touch with any enquiries.




Qualified technician fixing Kubota mini excavator engine
Qualified technician fixing Kubota mini excavator engine

To increase the efficiency of a mini excavator, you must carry out routine preventive maintenance procedures. If you spend time servicing the excavator, your machine will last you longer. You won’t have to worry about unexpected delays due to downtime and you won’t even have to pay to transport the machine to a service centre.

As you can see, preventive maintenance has many benefits. Take a look at our mini excavator servicing tips below.

Preventive Maintenance Checks

It doesn’t matter how busy the day looks, you shouldn’t operate an excavator before completing the daily checks . Examine the hydraulic fluid and the engine oil and top them up if required. If you don’t know which fluid is right for your machine, refer to the owner’s manual or talk to the dealer.

Inspect the fuel filter once a week and remove any water or build-up that’s present. Replace the filter if necessary and look for leaks in the hydraulic hoses. If you do these simple checks every day, you’ll save a lot of money on unnecessary repairs.

Mini Excavator Servicing Tips

It’s useful to inspect and grease the pivot points of your mini excavator. Regular greasing will prevent wear and tear. If you intend to operate the excavator in water, you should also lubricate the pivot points before and after use.

It’s also important to examine the undercarriage components and the rubber tracks. The undercarriage area traps a lot of mud and dirt. Clean this area periodically and make sure the rubber tracks maintain the correct tension. If they’re too tight, they will get worn out and break. If they’re too loose, the operator won’t be able to manoeuvre the equipment properly.

It’s a good idea to check the bucket attachment for signs of damage. If the teeth look worn out, the machine will have to work much harder to complete the job. Don’t overwork the equipment. Replace the bucket and other attachments if you have to.

Additional Tips

Keep an eye on the radiator and the oil cooler. If you see any coolant leaks, attend to the coolant system immediately. Wipe away any fluid that has leaked out – this will only trap dust and add to your troubles.

Apart from following these guidelines, you should also have your machine serviced regularly and on time. Refer to the owner’s manual to find out how often you need to do this.

Servicing Mini Excavators in Brisbane

If you want to service your mini excavators and mini loaders, look no further than Allclass Construction Equipment. We have a 5 star Kubota accredited service team in Brisbane. Together with the right knowledge and tools, we keep your machines in good working condition.

We also have used mini excavators for sale and a range of genuine parts to restore your equipment. Our products are high quality and they will meet the demands of your project.

Call us on 1300 255 252 if you have any questions or explore our range of mini excavators for sale online.

Kubota genuine parts in courier boxes piled on a table
Kubota genuine parts in courier boxes piled on a table

Second-hand parts or replicas are cheaper than genuine parts. While they may seem more affordable at first, they will add to the cost of running your machine in the long-term. So is it worth paying a big price for genuine earthmoving parts? Let us find out.

Genuine vs. Aftermarket

Heavy machinery manufacturers always recommend using genuine parts. This is because the manufacturers have specifically designed genuine parts for use with individual machines. Genuine parts have the right configurations and integrate well with all the other components of the equipment.

Imitations may fit just as well, but they won’t keep your machine in optimal working condition. They’re more likely to lead to unscheduled breakdowns, machine downtime and loss of revenue. You will also have to consider the cost of buying another spare part if the first one fails. Genuine parts contain high-quality materials that last much longer.

Other Considerations

It’s quite tempting to save a few hundreds and go with an aftermarket part. The truth is that aftermarket parts don’t handle loads the way genuine parts do. Construction equipment, in particular, should be tough enough to penetrate or dig hard substrate. If you use sub-standard parts, your machine won’t perform to its full capacity.

The Risk Associated with Aftermarket Parts

Construction sites are full of risks. If you use aftermarket parts, your equipment may malfunction and end up damaging people or property.

If you own and run your own construction business, you’ve probably purchased insurance to protect your employees and your company. If you use cheap imitations on your machines, you might end up voiding that insurance cover.

Aftermarket parts may also promote rapid wear and tear of the other internal components. To make sure your equipment runs smoothly for its entire life-cycle, you must avoid using imitation spare parts.    

Finding Genuine Excavator Parts in Brisbane

If you need Kubota and TORO genuine parts or construction equipment in Brisbane, call the team at Allclass Construction Equipment. We know it is imperative to find the right part quickly and we have an outstanding 96% fill rate. That means we stock 9.6 out of every ten items ordered.

Whether you need Kubota or TOROparts in Brisbane, you’ll find them under our roof.

We also have high-quality new and used excavators for sale. Our qualified and friendly sales staff will help you choose the right equipment for your project.

If you’re looking for reliable Kubota dealers in Brisbane, call us on 1300 255 252. You can also visit us online to explore our range of construction equipment.