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Despite following routine preventive maintenance procedures, mini excavators can still break down unexpectedly. You should watch for symptoms of common problems and take necessary measures to maximise the life of your machine.

Common Mini Excavator Problems You Might Come Across


Is your excavator heating up rapidly in a short period of time? Almost all equipment heats up with use but rapid overheating is sure to be a problem.

Here are a few things to check:

  • Coolant temperature – you might have to flush out your coolant and replace it to see if that solves the problem.
  • Checks for air locks – particles often get lodged in the radiator core. Clean out the radiator and use a leaf blower to clear out the core. Removing these contaminants will often solve heating issues.
  • Replace the thermostat – if your coolant temperature rises and then suddenly drops, the thermostat might be the problem. Either check your owner’s manual for advice on replacing a thermostat or ask a certified technician for assistance.

Low Power

Many machine operators complain about low power. To troubleshoot low power, you can check a couple of things.

  • Perform a few simple checks – examine the air filters and the fuel filters to see if there is any obvious cause for reduced power. If you identify a problem, resolve it yourself or talk to a professional.
  • Test the cycle time – an excavator’s cycle time can only be tested by a certified technician. They will find out how long it takes for the machine arm or bucket to move from one position to another. If the machine takes longer than usual to perform routine functions, you know you’re dealing with a power problem. Once they have identified the power problem with a test, the experts will be able to resolve the issue.

Excavator Travel Drive Problems

If you’re pushing the lever forward on the control panel and the machine is going backwards, you have a travel drive problem.

Drive motors can travel in both directions. You’ll see two high-pressure lines connected to the drive motor. Flip them to the opposite connections so the motor moves in the right direction. Once you install the drive motor, the mini-excavator will also roll in the right direction.

Servicing Mini Excavators in Brisbane

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