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Earthmoving machines are valuable tools for any construction business. But buying a fleet of machines is only the first step towards successful operations. You have to decide who is going to service and repair your equipment on an ongoing basis.

Preventive maintenance reduces machine downtime and helps the business run smoothly. It also lowers the cost of owning various pieces of machinery. To keep your equipment running like new throughout its life, consider sending it to an accredited centre.

Why Use an Accredited Centre?

Local repair centres give you services that are cheaper than those offered by accredited centres. While you might save money on repairs, there are many things you will have to sacrifice in the bargain.

If the centre is accredited, it suggests that its services and products are of consistently high quality. The certification also proves that the company is technically competent and fully compliant with legal rules, policies, and regulations relating to Kubota and TORO machinery.

5 Advantages of Using an Accredited Centre

  1. Accredited centres have the latest tools and equipment to service and repair machines. Since they maintain high standards of service, they won’t use inferior lubricants or parts when they’re repairing your equipment.
  2. Local service centres often suggest cheap aftermarket parts to replace faulty parts. These knock-offs won’t last you long. You may even end up sending the machine for repairs more often. Accredited service centres use genuine parts to fix faulty components. Manufacturers specifically design genuine parts so they match individual pieces of equipment. They last longer and leave the machine in perfect physical condition.
  3. Accredited service centres make sure they train their technicians, giving them the proper education and experience to hone their skills. With accredited centres, you can rest assured that your equipment is in safe hands.


  1. Accredited service centres maintain service log books. Service log books make paperwork easy. You could even get a better resale price for your machines if you prove that you’ve kept them in top working condition.
  2. Many authorised service centres offer reasonably priced service plans. They also have well-equipped service trucks that travel to your location for repairs.

Construction Solutions from Accredited Experts

If you’re looking for an accredited service centre, visit Allclass Construction Equipment.

We run 5-star Kubota accredited service centres and offer sophisticated mobile service vehicles. If you want to reduce downtime and promote profits, we can travel to you for quick repairs.

Allclass Construction Equipment also has both new and used excavators for sale in Brisbane. We also stock a large range of machine and excavator parts with 96% fill rates.

To learn more about the certified service difference, give us a call on 1300 255 252. Don’t forget to view our range of Kubota mini excavators online and get in touch with any enquiries.