Mobile electric power generator for emergency situations, red color on outdoor.


The invention of the internal combustion engine revolutionised construction equipment. The following invention of the diesel engine made heavy machinery even more powerful and cheaper to run. Today, engines are continually being improved in many ways, and electric engines are beginning to find their way onto the market. In this article, we will talk about the variety of engines and generators on the market, as well as making some bold predictions for the future of the power industry.



Generators come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, serving a variety of functions for different jobs. Small, high-tech generators like the Kubota Workforce Series take advantage of all of the recent innovations in fuel efficiency and noise minimisation to provide reliable power. Of course, if you need more power for more machines, you will need a bigger, heavy-duty generator like the Kubota SQ Series, capable of producing single and three phase power with strict internal voltage regulation to protect your heavy equipment.



Engines are the backbone of our modern world. Without engines, there’d be no planes, trains, automobiles, large ships or any of the frills that come with our interconnected world. Not all engines are made for the same purpose. Some are better designed for running pumps, running cars or running heavy machinery. Depending on your precise application, there is a different sort of engine that will be more suited to your needs, and it is recommended that you chat to a professional engine supplier before purchasing one.


The Future of Power Equipment

The future is green. Globally, climate change is recognized as the biggest threat facing humanity, causing scientists, engineers and inventors to focus on creating environmentally friendly products. As shown from decades of spin from extractive industries, there is no alternative to petrol and diesel, otherwise trucks in Australia will stop functioning. For a while, there may have been some basis for that spin, but recent innovations have seen the production of powerful trucks running solely on electricity. It might take a while, but it’s possible that a lot more power equipment will run off electrical power supplied by an increasingly renewably supplied grid.


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