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Good quality heavy duty machinery is expensive. For some businesses, an excavator might be the most expensive tool in their warehouse. As with any investment, it is important to protect it and ensure it remains functional for the longest possible time. There are a number of considerations when it comes to storing construction equipment, and not all of them are obvious. In this article, we will briefly describe some of the common threats to construction equipment, and how best to mediate these threats to ensure the longevity of your materials.


Clean and Dry

One of the most obvious, but also difficult, aspects of construction equipment maintenance is managing rust and corrosion. Producers of this equipment are aware of this challenge, and so they use strong, corrosion resistant and reliable materials. All of the best manufacturing in the world won’t stop the rain from falling, however, and corrosion is always a long term risk for metal components. Mud can be exceptionally damaging over enough time, while still being the bread and butter of what construction equipment is designed to deal with. The real dangers of mud and water are related to long term contact, not day to day exposure. For this reason, whenever you are storing your equipment it makes sense to put it away while they’re clean and dry to avoid potential dramas.


Service Regularly

Heavy machinery comes with guidelines on how regularly certain components need to be serviced and it is important to stick to these guidelines. Having components fail on you can cost exorbitant amounts of money to replace, particularly if the failure triggers a cascade of failures. Often those guidelines will include two numbers, like 3000km/3 years. This means that whichever one of those numbers comes first, it’s time for a service, even if your excavator has been sitting in the shed for two thirds of that time.


Preventing Theft

Thefts is often a secondary consideration when it comes to proper storage of construction equipment, but the unfortunate reality is expensive machines fetch a significant sum on the black market. It is well worth understanding that your super power generator, which powers entire worksites, could be adapted by someone else to power their off-grid home. Install security cameras, GPS tracking devices, extra locks and even 24/7 security patrols, which may be cost effective mechanisms for preventing theft.


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