So you may have noticed that Allclass and Kubota have teamed up to donate $500 for every new Kubota sold from now until the 31st of March (view details here). Not only do we have a branch in Townsville – which thankfully was not affected – but our Sumner Park location was flooded in 2011.

I spoke to David Arndell, one of the company directors and he reflected on the disaster

“We had 4 metres of water come through our workshop and office. Coming in after the water had receded, it was heart breaking, the mud, the smell, the damage to the building, the loss of spare parts and general office equipment. It was devastating. We soon found out that our warehouse and every business around us, were not covered by insurance… After looking at the damage we had no choice but to roll up the sleeves and get stuck into it.”

Thanks to staff and friends we managed to move a lot of the machines out prior to the water arriving, however, there was still so much that we couldn’t get out in time. The loss was still enormous, there were community members visiting in the weeks to follow checking in our team and making sure we were coping with the experience.

We had so much help from the community, from families, friends and from Kubota. It was amazing the amount of support that we had that helped us get through it. Without the support, we would never have been up and running as fast as we were. Within 4 days were operating out of a site shed and within 4 weeks it was business as normal. 7 years later, in 2018 we were well and truly recovered and moved to our new warehouse, located on a hill, well and truly out of the flood zone!
(New Building pictured)

As you can imagine, seeing the videos on the news and social media stirred feelings for those in the business who experienced the 2011 flood first hand. I got into work finding an email from Dave at 3am saying he had an idea. We spoke and he stated, “Having been through it and knowing exactly what it is like, we have to do something.” From there we joined forces with Kubota to raise as much money as we can to help those in need.