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Mini excavator digging the earth using ANT tilt hitch attached to mud bucket
Mini excavator digging the earth using ANT tilt hitch attached to mud bucket

The ANT Tilt hitch allows to you to do more than just digging. It is versatile and it gets the job done with minimal effort.

Today we’re going to explore some of the key features of the ANT Tilt Hitch as well as its various applications.

Features of the ANT Tilt Hitch

The ANT Tilt Hitch system lets you secure attachments quickly. It comes equipped with a hydraulic exchange and an automatic locking system. This means you won’t need to get out of the cab to attach your mud bucket.

The quick and straightforward pick-up process also makes it easy to exchange attachments as and when required. The hitch has a front safety latch and two coupler connections. It offers operators the perfect combination of strength and endurance.

Applications of an ANT Tilt Hitch

You can rotate attachments with the ANT Tilt Hitch, allowing you to reach hard-to-dig areas. It handles angle cutting and slope cutting and it can also shape the edges of the hole you’re digging. Unlike most other tilt hitches, the ANT Tilt Hitch offers you 180 degrees of tilt.

One of the most outstanding features of the tilt hitch system is that you can use it to perform tasks that require precision, such as digging or drilling close to utility lines. Simply rotate the hitch to prevent the attachment from hitting the power or gas lines.

You can also pair the hitch with a hydraulic grapple. It has excellent holding force, which makes it easy to pick up rocks or boulders from trenches.

The ANT Tilt Hitch features German engineered actuators and protected hose routings.


Proper Use of the Hitch

Never modify the hitch without getting in touch with the manufacturer. You should also avoid replacing original components with aftermarket parts or cheap substitutes. Make sure all the safety features of the hitch are in proper working order before using it.

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Orange coloured AllClass Construction operators vehicle report
Orange coloured AllClass Construction operators vehicle report

It’s crucial to perform periodic safety checks on your equipment. Not only do daily inspections prevent accidents during machine operation, they also maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

To get you started here is our mini excavator prestart checklist.

Things to Do before Starting Your Mini Excavator

  • Walk around your mini excavator and look for cracks or dents on the exterior of the equipment.
  • Inspect various components of the excavator or mini loaderbody including the mounting holes, the bearing spacer, and the grease fitting. Keep an eye out for cracks or signs of wear and tear.
  • Search for leaks in the Hydraulic cylinder. Then, check the level of the engine oil, coolant, and hydraulic oil.
  • Remove the air and oil filters. Clean or replace them if required.
  • Check the area in front of the radiator. Dirt accumulates in this particular area and causes overheating problems.
  • Grease all hinge pins and bushings to cut down the cost of expensive repairs.
  • Make sure the mini excavator’s safety switches are in proper working order.
  • Next, get inside the cab. Always face the excavator and use the three-point contact to get in and out of the cab.
  • Turn on the equipment and listen for any unusual sounds or vibrations. The machine shouldn’t emit excessive exhaust fumes when it’s in operation.
  • It’s a good idea to look for leaks or emissions below the mini excavator or in the area in front of the operator’s seat.
  • Check the undercarriage components. Inspect the tracks, the drive sprocket, and the front idlers.
  • Check that the tracks have the right tension.
  • Test the indicator lights and the switches on the control panel.
  • Make sure there’s a fully operational fire extinguisher lying in the cab.
  • Clean the windshield and the heating and cooling vents.
  • Inspect the boom, arm, and bucket attachments for cracks or dents.
  • If the bucket teeth look worn out, replace the bucket. If you fail to do so, the mini-excavator will have to work much harder to perform everyday jobs.
  • Extend the arm and boom to determine if the machine is stable during operation. You must also lift the excavator blade and roll the machine forwards and backwards.
  • Perform a 360º rotation of the housing assembly.
  • Refer to the equipment’s safe working limits before beginning any new task.

If you perform these checks daily, you’re less likely to encounter problems when you operate your equipment.

More Information on Mini Excavators

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Red vintage troubleshooting sign
Red vintage troubleshooting sign

Despite following routine preventive maintenance procedures, mini excavators can still break down unexpectedly. You should watch for symptoms of common problems and take necessary measures to maximise the life of your machine.

Common Mini Excavator Problems You Might Come Across


Is your excavator heating up rapidly in a short period of time? Almost all equipment heats up with use but rapid overheating is sure to be a problem.

Here are a few things to check:

  • Coolant temperature – you might have to flush out your coolant and replace it to see if that solves the problem.
  • Checks for air locks – particles often get lodged in the radiator core. Clean out the radiator and use a leaf blower to clear out the core. Removing these contaminants will often solve heating issues.
  • Replace the thermostat – if your coolant temperature rises and then suddenly drops, the thermostat might be the problem. Either check your owner’s manual for advice on replacing a thermostat or ask a certified technician for assistance.

Low Power

Many machine operators complain about low power. To troubleshoot low power, you can check a couple of things.

  • Perform a few simple checks – examine the air filters and the fuel filters to see if there is any obvious cause for reduced power. If you identify a problem, resolve it yourself or talk to a professional.
  • Test the cycle time – an excavator’s cycle time can only be tested by a certified technician. They will find out how long it takes for the machine arm or bucket to move from one position to another. If the machine takes longer than usual to perform routine functions, you know you’re dealing with a power problem. Once they have identified the power problem with a test, the experts will be able to resolve the issue.

Excavator Travel Drive Problems

If you’re pushing the lever forward on the control panel and the machine is going backwards, you have a travel drive problem.

Drive motors can travel in both directions. You’ll see two high-pressure lines connected to the drive motor. Flip them to the opposite connections so the motor moves in the right direction. Once you install the drive motor, the mini-excavator will also roll in the right direction.

Servicing Mini Excavators in Brisbane

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