Mini excavator digging the earth using ANT tilt hitch attached to mud bucket

The ANT Tilt hitch allows to you to do more than just digging. It is versatile and it gets the job done with minimal effort.

Today we’re going to explore some of the key features of the ANT Tilt Hitch as well as its various applications.

Features of the ANT Tilt Hitch

The ANT Tilt Hitch system lets you secure attachments quickly. It comes equipped with a hydraulic exchange and an automatic locking system. This means you won’t need to get out of the cab to attach your mud bucket.

The quick and straightforward pick-up process also makes it easy to exchange attachments as and when required. The hitch has a front safety latch and two coupler connections. It offers operators the perfect combination of strength and endurance.

Applications of an ANT Tilt Hitch

You can rotate attachments with the ANT Tilt Hitch, allowing you to reach hard-to-dig areas. It handles angle cutting and slope cutting and it can also shape the edges of the hole you’re digging. Unlike most other tilt hitches, the ANT Tilt Hitch offers you 180 degrees of tilt.

One of the most outstanding features of the tilt hitch system is that you can use it to perform tasks that require precision, such as digging or drilling close to utility lines. Simply rotate the hitch to prevent the attachment from hitting the power or gas lines.

You can also pair the hitch with a hydraulic grapple. It has excellent holding force, which makes it easy to pick up rocks or boulders from trenches.

The ANT Tilt Hitch features German engineered actuators and protected hose routings.


Proper Use of the Hitch

Never modify the hitch without getting in touch with the manufacturer. You should also avoid replacing original components with aftermarket parts or cheap substitutes. Make sure all the safety features of the hitch are in proper working order before using it.

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