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Engineer talking on radio at construction site on a hot day
Engineer talking on radio at construction site on a hot day

Summer and other hot weather periods are seriously dangerous seasons for construction staff. Many of the dangers aren’t obvious and it’s worth taking the time to understand and avoid the risks. We’ve put together some tips for onsite workers to make summer a lot safer.

Understanding the Risk Factors and How to Manage Them

Heat can be debilitating. It affects your metabolism and over-exposure can cause heat stress and in some cases medical conditions.

These are the major risks and ways of managing them:


  • Hydration: The body uses up water much more rapidly in hot weather. If you dehydrate, you can experience serious issues like kidney stones, due to lack of water in the body. Lack of hydration can also affect salt levels, which can affect your digestion and bodily functions. Drink cool water, preferably not with sugar additives, regularly. Avoid excessive salty food, which can affect hydration levels.


  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol! Caffeine and alcohol speed up your metabolism and can cause runaway sweating, which is a hydration risk. Both are also well-known diuretics, causing water loss just when you need water most. Don’t drink either, particularly high caffeine drinks with a lot of sugar in them. Stick to water, which refreshes without side effects.


  • Heat exposure: The longer you’re out in the heat, the more you’re exposed to the effects. Don’t work in the hot sun for long periods of time and use shade to cover the workspace. Shade makes a big difference in hot weather, reducing heat exposure and improving working conditions. Use shade wherever possible to minimise the negative effects of heat. Use covered vehicles and schedule work in exposed areas for cooler times of the day. In extreme heat, there’s no safe level of exposure. Put your staff on other duties, out of the heat.


  • Heat exhaustion: Heat exhaustion is caused by over-exposure to heat. The body may experience cramps, and in some cases, heat prostration or heat stroke. These can be serious medical conditions and there’s no good reason for risking them. These conditions are easily avoidable with simple precautions like managing shade, drinking water, rescheduling work and simply avoiding exposure.


  • Food risks: High protein and fatty foods affect hydration levels. The body uses water to process protein and fat generates high calories counts, which is also not good for your metabolism in hot weather. Eat vegetables like celery, tomatoes, and fruits, which have pure water in them and don’t add to the calorie count.


  • Glare and dust: These problems cause real fatigue, breathing issues, and generally reduce efficiency. It’s hard to focus when you’re being affected by glare and choked by dust. You have to work harder, which in hot weather means you get tired more quickly. Use proper sunglasses and masks to avoid these issues.


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Allclass Construction Equipment works with Australian businesses in all types of weather. We know how tough it can be working in a Queensland summer.  If you’re looking for the latest construction equipment for hot weather, browse our range of fully covered mini excavators and other equipment. You can call us or contact us online to discuss your needs.

Rubber tracks on Kubota excavator
Rubber tracks on Kubota excavator

Rubber tracks are used on excavators and other tracked vehicles to minimise ground damage. They’re very good in this regard and you can be sure that you won’t be leaving a wasteland behind your machine. The main issue, in fact, is keeping the rubber tracks in good working order.

These tracks take a lot of wear and tear when compared to steel tracks. Although they’re very durable, they need some maintenance and attention, preferably whenever there are time and space to do it. This regular care reduces overall maintenance time, taking care of minor issues to prevent a bigger workload later.

Rubber Tracks – Care and Maintenance Tips

To care for and maintain your rubber tracks, you need to know what to expect. Different types of terrain can cause different problems but can predict some issues before they happen and deal with them easily.

For example:

  • Mud and debris: Materials of this type are taken up by the tracks, which clogs them. It’s not good for the tracks over time. The easy fix is a thorough clean and removal of the mud, preferably ASAP.


  • Undercarriage and assembly: These areas, being under the vehicle, also take up a lot of mud, dust, and small debris. It’s best to check the undercarriage regularly and ensure that there are no significant deposits of materials on them.


  • Uneven wear: This type of wear is caused by more pressure being put on one track than another, often during repetitive work. The unevenness of the tracks affects performance. It’s best for operators to avoid the usual practice of locking tracks. Make turns with the vehicle, rather than locking, to avoid uneven wear.


  • Inspect the machine before operation: Your machine can start up and instantly have problems because of some minor difficulty with the tracks. It’s a good idea to check the rollers and driving sprockets for any issues before operation. Driving sprockets are also very prone to accumulating materials, due to their shape. Be patient, but quick, when fixing any problems.


  • Track tension: Over-tension in tracks can be a serious problem. The tracks, if stretched too tightly, react to pressures and impact much more than at a slightly loose tension. This can do damage to alignment and increase wear on the tracks. Stick to a specified level of tension and “track sag”.


  • Common sense: The other simple and very effective way to care for your tracks is to simply stay alert and be aware of any unusual movements or sticking, or similar behavioural issues. While it’s important to be vigilant, don’t try to DIY-fix anything that looks like a complex issue. Get it checked out by your service people for the best results.


Allclass Construction Equipment Are Your Track Specialists

Allclass Construction Equipment provides a full range of 5-star rapid response services for our Kubota tracked vehicles.  We’ll be onsite ASAP to avoid downtime and solve your servicing issues right away. You can call us or contact us online to get expert help anytime.