Baroness greens mowers are renowned for their superior cutting quality. That’s why they are specified and recommended by some of the top golf courses worldwide. Baroness walk-behind cylinder mowers are built to provide the highest quality finish on all fine turf areas. Golf Greens and Tees, Bowling Greens, Tennis Courts and Cricket Pitches. Completely gear driven, Baroness mowers are easier to maintain and more durable than mowers with other drive systems such as belts or chains. Expert craftsman use traditional methods of creating Japanese swords to produce blades that achieve a precise cut and are extremely tough, for years of dependable use. Specialty steel composites used in bedknives and reels across the Baroness range not only result in a quality finish, they significantly increase service life while reducing maintenance time and repair costs.

All golf greens should be consistent in their condition and play and Baroness aims to provide the best tool for achieving these objectives. Every cutting cylinder is individually balanced before being installed, and our heat treatment process ensures that the cutting edges of both our cutting cylinders and bedknives stay sharp and true.Baroness uses its own special blend of steels and utilises the same techniques used to achieve the hardness and tenacity that Japanese swords are known for. The hardness of the reel cutter and bedknife are designed to avoid countering. The precise mating surfaces increase the durability and life of both your reel and bedknife. Baroness’ reel cutters are made with tested and proven craftsmanship along with cutting edge manufacturing technologies through 16 processes, to achieve a beautiful cut and to quickly and smoothly create the perfect green.

Independent Grass Catcher Arm

IGCA (Independent Grass Catcher Arm) is a mechanism which doesn’t allow the mower cutting height to change even if the amount of grass in the grass catcher increases. BARONESS eliminated as much operator error as possible by allowing more movement on the handle without effecting the cutting head. The cutting head will stay in the same stable position and continue cutting the turf, even if the handle is operated in a rough manner, the cutting height will not change from start to finish. The operator is able to cut the green with the same balanced uniformed cut and consistent HOC cut regardless of the operator’s skill level or ability. (IGCA can be equipped to the LM18GB and LM56GB.)

Expertly Engineered

The Baroness walk-behind greens mower is equiped with the sharpest reel cutter in the market. Baroness uses its own special blend of steels and utilises the same techniques used to achieve the hardness that Japanese knives are renowned for. The hardness of the reel cutter and bedknife is designed to avoid countering.

Quality On Demand

  • The Traditional all gear system used by Baroness transfers complete power from the engine while driving or cutting. The all gear design also makes the products highly durable
  • Switch between forward or reverse rotation with one lever. Stands up flat grass, evens out the width between the blades of grass and controls the amount of thatch


Rear Blades
Rear Blade Diameter
128 mm
102 mm
Bed knife (with Catcher & Transport Wheels)
1.5 mm
Cutting Width
457 mm
557 mm
Working Width
1560 mm
1170 mm
Cutting Height
3-29 mm
3-15 mm

Air-Cooled, Single Cylinder
Fuel Type
Honda GX120
Subaru EX13D
Engine rpm
3600 rpm
3000 rpm
Max output
2.6 kW (3.5 hp)
3.2 kW (4.3 hp)
118 cc
126 cc
Fuel tank capacity
2 L
2.3 L

Shaft Driven, 2-Step Gearshift
Shaft Driven, 2-Step Gearshift

1520 mm
1520 mm
842 mm
930 mm
1030 mm
1000 mm
95.5 kg
95.5 kg