The Baroness LM551 is a 5-Unit Fairway Mower that produces a superb quality of cut, after cut appearance and stripe definition. Featuring signature Baroness reels and bedknives, renowned for their high quality materials that retain sharpness for longer and maximise turf health. Coupled with this world class technology is a range of mowers that are reliable, efficient, comfortable and continue to stay “on-cut” much longer than competitor products.

Custom Cutting Unit Options

Rear cutting units on the LM551 can be mounted in 2 positions, either standard or 200mm forward to increase contour following performance, eliminating crabbing or uncut grass when mowing on slopes. The mower arm and down pressure spring have all been optimised to apply even and constant down pressure to the cutting units.

The front lift arms have an added spring to keep the cutting units horizontal in the raised position, eliminating the risk of them impacting the ground when turning. The cutting units have been modified to give an industry leading range of motion; not just side to side but also tilting forward and backwards to hug severe undulations.

Ease of Access

The LM551 offers superb access to make all servicing and adjustments very straightforward. The seat opens to the side. When open, the rear bonnet fully exposes the engine to provide easy access and room for maintenance. Like the larger fairway mowers in the Baroness range, the rear cutting units swing out for easy accessibility. Adjustment of the cutting cylinders and bedknives are assisted by the ability to turn off the reel motor drive, removing hydraulic resistance, making turning of the cutting cylinder a breeze.

Cross Circuit

To achieve peak work performance, the LM551 uses the same cross circuit system which was initially introduced on the Baroness LM2400. The cross circuit system works by connecting the hydraulic flow from either front wheel abilities of a parallel circuit with the climbing capabilities of a series circuit.

Optional Cutting Units

The LM551 has 2 options of cutting units that can be fitted to better match the machine to your course. The LH52 unit, which has a 127mm diameter cylinder, or the LH62 with a 163mm diameter cylinder. Each cutting unit has the option of 9 or 7 blade cylinders and can be fitted with a groomer, power brush, front roller scraper and newly designed grass boxes.

* Groomer and power brush can be fitted as a combination or individually

Responsive Drive and Comfortable Operating Area

Baroness focused on improving comfort and rideability. The LM551 has a large access area, making it easy to get on and off and is fitted with a multiple adjustment suspension seat. The operator controls are positioned for ease of use and accessibility and the steering tilt can be easily adjusted with very little effort.


Kubota V1505T Diesel

Drive Type
Hydrostatic 4WD Advanced Circuit Wheel Drive (ACWD)

18 km/h
8 km/h

295 cm
Width – Operation
294 cm
Width – Transport
220 cm
Height including ROPS
239 cm
1530 kg

Number of Reels
127 or 163 mm
Reel Diameter
294 cm
Blade Number
Total Cutting Width
2940 mm
Reel Cutting Width
560 mm
Cutting Height – LH52 Reels
560 mm
Cutting Height – LH62 Reels
8 – 45 mm
Cutting Height – LS62 Reels
10 – 46 mm