Baroness greens mowers are renowned for their superior cutting quality. That’s why they are specified and recommended by some of the top golf courses worldwide. The LM101 Floating Head Greens Mower is walk-behind built to provide the highest quality finish on all fine turf areas. For 30 years, Baroness has been developing and designing the floating head greens mower, ideally suited to Golf Greens and Tees, Bowling Greens, Tennis Courts and Cricket Pitches. Completely gear driven, Baroness mowers are easier to maintain and more durable than mowers with other drive systems such as belts or chains. Expert craftsman use traditional methods of creating Japanese swords to produce blades that achieve a precise cut and are extremely tough, for years of dependable use. Specialty steel composites used in bedknives and reels across the Baroness range not only result in a quality finish, they significantly increase service life while reducing maintenance time and repair costs.

Precision Engineering

Equipped with the world-renowned Baroness reel cutter, the LM101 can mow any types of grass beautifully. Cleanly cut grass is less vulnerable to disease and has healthy growth. The light-weight mower unit with small pitch between rollers means the LM101 has the lowest risk of scalping and can mow greens with severe undulations.

The distance between the front and rear rollers is designed to prevent scalping and minimise damage to the turf. The durable blades, made of Baroness’s own special steel, contribute to both a beautiful after-cut appearance and higher turf quality, thus achieving ideal greens.

Perfect Finishes

Optional attachments for superior green finishing are available . The LM101 Rotary Brush benefits the green by smoothing out the green’s turf, eliminating debris and removing morning dew, while the Groomer has the benefit of straightening the turf and standing up laid down grass to cut.

The recommended regular rotation for grooming is forward, however all optional attachments are bi-directional and can be switched by a simple flick of a lever. You can select the type of drum to corresponds to greens condition with a choice of a D (Dimple) or ND (No Dimple) surface to suit finish requirements and surface conditions.

Independent Grass Catcher and Mower Unit

LM101 mower unit is independent from the drive unit, so that it can follow the greens without being affected by the operator. The grass catcher is also independent from the mower unit. Even if the amount of grass clippings, thatch and sand increases in the grass catcher, it does not affect the cutting angle of the mower unit, preventing the cutting height from fluctuating and allowing the mower to mow greens evenly.

The operator’s steering does not affect the mower unit’s stability. Thus, the unit’s load is always constant no matter who operates the machine, allowing the mower to mow evenly at a constant height of cut. The mower unit can be attached and detached easily without using tools.


155 cm
94 cm
Height – to steering handle
111 cm
114 kg

Cutting Width
557 mm
Cutting Height
3 – 29 mm
9, 11
Speed (Mechanical)
4.7 km/h
2094 m2/h

Honda GX120
4-stroke, Overhead Valve, Single Cylinder
Total Displacement
118 cc
Max Output @ 3,600 rpm
2.6 kW (3.5 hp)