Krone’s BaleCollect will save you time and money! The bale accumulater can collect and store up to 3 bales and offers various patterns of depositing bales in the field. Controlled by either an automatic or manual bale push of function this is perfect for handling and will reduce labour hours. It’s unique telescoping drawbar allows for smooth transport along with a transport mode to travel like a trailer under 3m transport!

Fully integrated Krone on Krone design and integral weighing system makes BaleCollect a perfect match for 6-knotter High-Speed, HDP or 8-knotter HDPII machines


Krone’s Multibale system gives you benefits of small bales with the added bonus of being able to quickly and easily distribute them from the field. The length of the entire bale as well as the number of small bales can be set conveniently and simply by the Operatory in the cabin. Use Krone’s innovation to find new profit centres in the small bale market for your business.

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Balecollect 1230