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Qualified technician fixing Kubota mini excavator engine
Qualified technician fixing Kubota mini excavator engine

To increase the efficiency of a mini excavator, you must carry out routine preventive maintenance procedures. If you spend time servicing the excavator, your machine will last you longer. You won’t have to worry about unexpected delays due to downtime and you won’t even have to pay to transport the machine to a service centre.

As you can see, preventive maintenance has many benefits. Take a look at our mini excavator servicing tips below.

Preventive Maintenance Checks

It doesn’t matter how busy the day looks, you shouldn’t operate an excavator before completing the daily checks . Examine the hydraulic fluid and the engine oil and top them up if required. If you don’t know which fluid is right for your machine, refer to the owner’s manual or talk to the dealer.

Inspect the fuel filter once a week and remove any water or build-up that’s present. Replace the filter if necessary and look for leaks in the hydraulic hoses. If you do these simple checks every day, you’ll save a lot of money on unnecessary repairs.

Mini Excavator Servicing Tips

It’s useful to inspect and grease the pivot points of your mini excavator. Regular greasing will prevent wear and tear. If you intend to operate the excavator in water, you should also lubricate the pivot points before and after use.

It’s also important to examine the undercarriage components and the rubber tracks. The undercarriage area traps a lot of mud and dirt. Clean this area periodically and make sure the rubber tracks maintain the correct tension. If they’re too tight, they will get worn out and break. If they’re too loose, the operator won’t be able to manoeuvre the equipment properly.

It’s a good idea to check the bucket attachment for signs of damage. If the teeth look worn out, the machine will have to work much harder to complete the job. Don’t overwork the equipment. Replace the bucket and other attachments if you have to.

Additional Tips

Keep an eye on the radiator and the oil cooler. If you see any coolant leaks, attend to the coolant system immediately. Wipe away any fluid that has leaked out – this will only trap dust and add to your troubles.

Apart from following these guidelines, you should also have your machine serviced regularly and on time. Refer to the owner’s manual to find out how often you need to do this.

Servicing Mini Excavators in Brisbane

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Kubota genuine parts in courier boxes piled on a table
Kubota genuine parts in courier boxes piled on a table

Second-hand parts or replicas are cheaper than genuine parts. While they may seem more affordable at first, they will add to the cost of running your machine in the long-term. So is it worth paying a big price for genuine earthmoving parts? Let us find out.

Genuine vs. Aftermarket

Heavy machinery manufacturers always recommend using genuine parts. This is because the manufacturers have specifically designed genuine parts for use with individual machines. Genuine parts have the right configurations and integrate well with all the other components of the equipment.

Imitations may fit just as well, but they won’t keep your machine in optimal working condition. They’re more likely to lead to unscheduled breakdowns, machine downtime and loss of revenue. You will also have to consider the cost of buying another spare part if the first one fails. Genuine parts contain high-quality materials that last much longer.

Other Considerations

It’s quite tempting to save a few hundreds and go with an aftermarket part. The truth is that aftermarket parts don’t handle loads the way genuine parts do. Construction equipment, in particular, should be tough enough to penetrate or dig hard substrate. If you use sub-standard parts, your machine won’t perform to its full capacity.

The Risk Associated with Aftermarket Parts

Construction sites are full of risks. If you use aftermarket parts, your equipment may malfunction and end up damaging people or property.

If you own and run your own construction business, you’ve probably purchased insurance to protect your employees and your company. If you use cheap imitations on your machines, you might end up voiding that insurance cover.

Aftermarket parts may also promote rapid wear and tear of the other internal components. To make sure your equipment runs smoothly for its entire life-cycle, you must avoid using imitation spare parts.    

Finding Genuine Excavator Parts in Brisbane

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