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Construction safety harness protective gloves hard hat on black background maintenance concept

Construction is a very risky industry. Heavy machinery, powerful tools, working at heights and unstable terrain are just a sample of the unavoidable dangers that may be encountered on any site. There is no way to totally remove risk, but there are a number of things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of risks leading to injury or death.

Site Induction

Every work site is different, and as such, every worker should be introduced to the specific risks and requirements of any site they are expected to work on. This induction is site specific, but it should include a run through of non-specific safety requirements such as behaving respectfully and bringing attention to unsafe equipment or practices when they are noticed.

It is also an opportunity to check that each worker has the required qualifications and certificates to be operating tools or machinery. It is important that everyone understands that they are responsible both for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Personal Protective Equipment

It almost goes without saying, but personal protective equipment is extremely important on construction sites. No matter how many Worksafe practices and policies are in place, machines like excavators, RTVs and stump grinders are heavy and dangerous, and accidents do happen. Steel capped boots, hearing protection, eye protection and helmets are standard personal protection devices that are often required on construction sites.

Extended Personal Care Supplies

Working outside, in the sun, rain and wind, moving heavy objects and performing complex and strenuous tasks can take a serious toll on the mind and body. Fortunately, the 21st century has seen a rise in workplace safety and tolerance, and a big part of this is having the supplies, practices and equipment on hand to make work more pleasant for everyone. These items can include sunscreen, hand degreaser, moisturisers, communal water supplies, snacks, designated smoking areas, hygienic toilets and weather-related work cut-off limits. A healthy worker is a happy worker, and a happy worker is more productive and less likely to accidentally hurt themselves or others.

Inclusive and Respectful Attitude

In the same spirit as personal care supplies and practices, a workplace that is inclusive of all workers and supports their needs is a safe workplace. This kind of attitude is invaluable in creating a safe workplace, as it makes managers more approachable when workers have concerns about the safety of equipment or working practices.

Hire the Right Tools to Prevent Injury

AlllClass has a large range of new and second-hand construction equipment that can make your site safer and more efficient by reducing manual handling activities. Call us on 1300 255 252 or contact us online to find out more about our product range and services.

Excavator on the construction site is preparing to load the soil

There’s nothing worse than having your site ready to go only to have your excavator break down. Chances are you have been planning to use the excavator for weeks and may have even hired specialist contractors to complete the job. Have no fear, there are several things you can do to minimize downtime in the event of breakdown.

Safety Considerations

Always be wary of hydraulic components of any machine if and when it is shut off in any position other than the specified power down position. If for example the bucket is seemingly frozen in mid-air, be aware that it will fall slowly as the day wears on.

If the excavator is parked on a slope or soft or uneven terrain, be aware that its substantial weight may cause it shift and move over time.

If you are going to attempt troubleshooting, be careful about where you put your hands, as components of the machine are likely to be extremely hot and the coolant will be pressurised. Do not open until it has cooled down sufficiently.

Simple Troubleshooting

Before you call in an expert, there are a few simple checks you can perform yourself. For a longer guide on trouble shooting your excavator, read this blog or review the operating manual of your machine.


The coolant may need replacing, but wait until the machine has cooled down before attempting this operation. Alternatively, the radiator core may be clogged with dirt or debris, so try cleaning it out with a blower.

Low Power

Check the fuel and air filters for obvious signs of poor flow. Try cleaning them to see if this fixes the problem.

Minimize Potential Downtime with Ongoing Maintenance

One of the advantages of having excavators built by strong engineering companies, such as Kubota, is that they are built to last a long time. The reality is that, like all machines, excavators require routine maintenance and servicing. Find a local service team that can let your quality earth moving equipment age with dignity.

Minimize Downtime with On Site Repairs

There is little value having your contractors standing around waiting for the excavator to start working. Call a professional repair person to come out on the double and fix your excavator on site. It might seem like an expensive choice but the alternative is even more expensive.

Contact the Excavator Specialists

AlllClass Construction Equipment are expert technicians of new and used excavators in the Brisbane area. Our mechanics can visit you on site to repair a faulty excavator so that you can get back on with your job. If you own an excavator and are seeking someone to do a routine service, we can do that too. Call us on 1300 255 252 or contact us online to find out more about our product range and services.